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The only SAP Contract & Licence Governance Solution


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Despite simplification of some aspects of SAP licensing, it is increasingly complex.

The greatest challenge is correctly mapping your future business and IT Strategy with your SAP agreement and your current licence investment.

Consequently, Azurious has developed WISDOM© the only solution which addresses all licensing and contract challenges.  It will enable mitigation or elimination of contractual and financial risks, now and for the future.


Easy to apply to your business, it will pay for itself within 6 months.



For the first time, stakeholders in procurement, legal, IT and the business are able to easily share a common view of the truth of all SAP commercial information. It meets the needs of different organizations in any industry or country.

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Contract & Licence Repository

Consolidates all relevant contractual, commercial and usage data & information into a single cross-referenced data hub which can be accessed and questioned.

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Operational Dashboard

Provides data for budgeting, planning and procurement to prevent costly compliance issues or breach of contract. Presents compliance status, alerts & warnings and support for negotiations with SAP.

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Executive Dashboard

Provides senior stakeholders with the ultimate in SAP Licence Governance, providing risk warnings with trusted data for effective decision support.

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Regular customised reports to provide real-time SAP licence utilisation and compliance status overall and by business division.

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Licence & Support Fee Tracking

Provides accurate information of allocation of licenses across multiple business units to enable cross-charging and billing and to prevent over usage of existing licences.

Definition of Azurious WISDOM
The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense and insight regarding SAP Contracts & Licensing - past, present & future.

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