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Each customer requirement is different and our services are uniquely tailored to each requirement. It’s not a matter of one size fits all, it’s a matter of value delivered focussed on each organisation.  We are able to be flexible in our delivery and commercial models because we are an agile business with a high level of expertise and knowledge, underpinned by a proven and efficient methodology. The services outlined below can be combined into a tailored package to suite you specific needs.

WISDOM - set up and Implementation

Our implementation services are focussed on building an accurate repository of all your SAP Commercial information into your customised version of WISDOM©. This provides a robust base for all future licence decisions and updates and will save incremental money and management time both now and in the future.

  • Customisation & Set-up Workshop

  • Data Gathering & Repository Creation

  • Implementation & Training

Roadmap and Major Change

Many SAP customers are in a state of transition to HANA, S/4HANA & Cloud Services and need to ensure that they align their SAP Roadmap with their contracts and licences. We work with the project design teams and IT to identify any risks. We then provide business or technical insight to address these risks or determine both the immediate or future potential financial exposure. We then advise how to address this through modified Solution Design or support you in negotiation with SAP.

  • Risk Impact Identification

  • Solution Design Guidance & Advice

  • Financial Exposure TCO Modelling

New service: SAP Contract & Licence “In-Flight Risk”

To support Business Change to address the current Global crisis!

Many SAP customers are seeing a need to rapidly change their business in an attempt to survive and thrive during and after the current crisis. The financial implications of doing this quickly are vitally important to justify the changes. The last thing you want is for the risk of unknown SAP licensing cost to impact this.  It’s important to use the correct expertise to validate the licensing costs.


To address this, we are offering a fixed price service to help you rapidly determine the exposure to financial risk.

Contract Value

Unlocking Contract Value

Non-compliance of SAP contracts can be very costly if a proactive approach is not taken. Our service maps your contracts to your business objectives to provide a compliance status to clarify your position.  More importantly we can spot hidden value which your internal teams have missed and bring understanding and clarity to all those involved. Both lead to massive savings on your SAP licences.

  • Contact Analysis

  • Contract Navigation

  • Usage Assessment and Validation

  • Compliance Review

  • Support & Maintenance Fee Rationalisation

Contract Modernisation

Many SAP contracts are no longer fit for purpose, especially with the transition to a Digital Enterprise and are in need of modernisation.  Examples of where big savings can be made are the unnecessary cost of Oracle Run-Time Licence Fees (currently a 25% tax on your SAP forward investment) and the decision between Indirect Use or Digital Access. Our service takes a deep and forensic look into your entire SAP agreement, taking into account these and many other factors.  Your contract will then be fit to meet your business objectives.

  • Contract Analysis & fitness Assessment

  • Creation of a Negotiation Mandate (Azurious Template based)

  • Pre-Negotiation coaching and Support

  • Direct Negotiation involvement or Leadership


Audit & Entitlement Disputes

Breaches of contract or non-compliance are still a big risk to SAP organisations.  Whether you wish to respond proactively to your annual SAP Licence Audit, or need to be reactive to an unexpected claim or dispute, our service will minimise wasted management time, and reduce or eliminate your financial exposure.

  • Audit strategy (before, during & after)

  • Usage Measurement process & Validation

  • Interpretation of SAP findings & Business Case defence

  • Licence dispute resolution


Procurement and Negotiation

We have undertaken many client assignments to either support or lead negotiations with SAP to ensure a better result, specifically related to Terms & Conditions and Risk. We know what you don’t know and precisely what can be achieved and how to make it happen. So, the outcome will be substantially more favourable, saving time, money and eliminating future Risk.

  • Procurement Support - Guidance and Insights to be more certain of desired outcomes

  • Negotiation Support – Strategy & Tactics to take control

  • Draft Contract Review & Risk Assessment

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