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Our services and solution enable us to collate, analyse, interpret and present all the relevant SAP commercial information. This is important to provide a shared information repository for your stakeholders and their teams in the Business functions supported by IT, Procurement & Legal to eliminate contract and financial risks.


You’re a stakeholder in the business and you need to understand the SAP licence costs and risks associated with your business cases.  You want to be assured that the other teams are aligned with your business requirements so that there is certainty and clarity to support your decisions.



You are responsible for your companies’ position relating to SAP Licensing. You need to know what risks you face now or for the future on contract issues, usage versus entitlement, managing audits, disputes, annual maintenance reconciliation and negotiations for the business.  Importantly how do you address them? You also want to find a way to significantly reduce the time spent every time an SAP Licence or contract related issue comes up, particularly when related to the Future SAP Road Map and the massive cost variances of the Licence implications.


You are responsible for managing all SAP commercial interaction which can include the enduring complexity of on-premise licensing, support contracts, Cloud and consulting services. You may be new to the SAP world or even if you are not new, you may never have had time to fully understand all the critical details of SAP licence rules and metrics. You will need to re-negotiate or revise your contracts to reflect today’s business needs but don’t know the most effective approach. Internally you need to work with the other teams to ensure everyone has the same understanding of your position.


When you are called upon to support either contract negotiations or dispute resolution with SAP, your challenge is to be able to correctly interpret and understand the operational use of their Software. Importantly, how the many intricate rules and metrics affect your companies position regarding accurate licence entitlement, usage and compliance together with the multitude of contractual documentation.

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