SAP Licence Optimisation – Summary

This service can be delivered at any time in your SAP Licence lifecycle. It is best done when you are not under pressure to run an SAP Audit or about to instigate major contract negotiations. However, The Azurious optimisation process will provide your company with much of the required support for either of these events. (see specific services for each of these).
By optimisation we mean addressing all aspects of your ownership, current and forecast use of all software purchased from SAP. We take a forensic and meticulous approach, leaving “no stone unturned”, because we know that even the smallest details can make very big differences.

The Azurious SAP Licence Optimisation service comprises several “Work Packages”. Experience has shown that even for customers who believe they have carried out some of these tasks, they will have not done so to the required levels to fully optimise their SAP Licence Estate, both now and for the future. This leaves your company exposed to unforeseen risks, wasted management time and lost opportunity to reduce cost or save money.

SAP Licence Optimisation – Work Packages

Depending on where your business is in the SAP Licence Lifecycle will to some extent determine which of the packages below will be of most immediate value. We would however stress that the optimum solution to provide your business with the most effective current and future Risk mitigation and enable you to reduce and recover the maximum Licence / Maintenance fees is to combine all of these Work Packages into a seamless programme.

Azurious CA – Contract Analysis

Why do Contract Analysis?

Large customers of SAP with a significant amount of history (multiple contracts, addendums, amendments, exhibits, sales orders or revisions) create a complex and unwieldy Licence landscape. It isn’t simply about understanding the “legal” terminology; it is all about knowing how to correctly interpret, deploy, measure and manage usage against entitlement. From the many customers contracts we have analysed we typically find some “hidden” or yet to be discovered anomalies which often yield value to the customer in off-setting future Licence demands or reducing support fees.

Generally we find customers spend a lot of time referring back to their many contract documents time and time again for budgeting and planning, pre and post audit and when negotiating new licence purchases or just for internal discussion in support of SAP projects, roll-outs and landscape changes. It can all be very hard work, confusing and ambiguous.

Azurious takes all of that away, by providing models which capture all of the relevant and important content instead, as a result of the Contract Analysis process. These Models, one for each of; Users, Enterprise Extensions (Engines) and BusinessObjects, bring clarity and accuracy which saves a massive amount of otherwise wasted time and effort, eliminating the need to refer back to any contact documents. They also form the basis of maintaining real usage and measured against entitlement and can be used for forecasting demand.

N.B. The Models are sold as Copyright entities and are not mandatory for the provision of any of our services.

Azurious Contract Analysis – process

Pass One – Information Extraction

This is a meticulous and forensic process to capture all of the factual information from your SAP agreements, contracts, addenda, exhibits, sales orders and amendments from whatever form they are in and compile a comprehensive schedule determining your absolute Licence entitlement.

Pass Two – Anomaly Resolution

Re-examining the documents will reveal issues, inconsistencies and anomalies which will require discussion and research to unravel in order to provide clarity upon which to base future decisions and negotiations.

Pass Three – Entitlement Confirmation + Metrics

A final pass through all the documentation ensures we have not missed anything and enables us to declare your legal entitlement together with all required licence metrics with full explanations as to their effective interpretation and presentation to SAP. This will ensure that you are properly informed and thus understand what you need to do in order to remain compliant.

Pass Four – Review

This is to verify the position following the above 2 steps and discussions with you the customer of crucial Terms and Conditions, Licence – Metrics, Rules, constraints and restrictions of use. This also forms part of the knowledge transfer from us to you. At this point we are also able to finalise Phase 1 of the models’ development, share these with you and support you in moving to Phase two.

Azurious CD – Contract Discovery (Assurance)

If Contract Analysis has already been carried out to some degree then we provide a Contract Discovery service which takes this information and carries out Pass Three as specified above which also includes verification of the earlier analysis (either your own or a third party). This will give you the assurance that nothing has been missed or wrongly interpreted.

Azurious CN – Contract Navigation

For SAP customers of long standing and whose contract documentation is complex and especially confusing we have developed a process of simplification in order to provide you with “Contract Navigation”. The end result of which is to present a re-assembly of all the “live” clauses and Terms & Conditions, which apply today. This will put you, the customer, one major step ahead of SAP when disputing audit results and entering Licecne negotiations. The demonstrable value from this exercise is that you are now in control of which aspects of your contract history to eliminate and which to rely on for internal Planning, budgeting and decision support.

Azurious CU – Current Utilisation

Most SAP customers believe they know what this is and if not, how to get the answers. It is however, a fact that most customers do not truly understand the intricassies of how to correctly interpret the vague and subjective metrics for both Users and Engines and then how to apply them in their business operations to maximise the value and minimise risk.

Azurious has deep expertise gained from years of experience and many successful client assignments. This enables us to our consolidated these findings into a structured set of processes to share with you. We know that however efficient you have been in managing your SAP Licence Estate we know we can help you to improve your utilisation. Building this into our models will then enable comparisons, thresholds and alerts to be set, to help you more effectively manage in a more real-time manner.

Azurious LM – Licence Models

Azurious have created SAP Licence Models for Users, Engines (ERP/Enterprise Extensions) and Business Objects with sub sections for Database Licences and Price Unbundling. Together these represent your “SAP Licence knowledge Repository” and deliver an array of Value and Benefits. In themselves they are, and will become an ever increasing valuable asset in the control of Risk and Expenditure on SAP Software. They remove the need to refer back to contract documentation in the future for any situation you may face such as:

  • SAP Audit
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Business Case justification
  • Planning & Budgeting and usage forecasting
  • Maintaining control of your SAP Licence Estate

Forming the cornerstone of Licence optimisation both now and as a continuous process.

Azurious – Licence Optimisation

Azurious see SAP Licence Optimisation as a much wider subject than just maintaining the current Named User Licence assignment. Which in itself is generally not managed well. We see many reasons for this which include:

  • It is a complex activity
  • Different areas of the company (business / IT) own varying responsibilities
  • There is always something more important to do!
  • Customers don’t have all the knowledge and clear understanding of the rules

Our knowledge combined with a set of proven processes enable us the rectify this situation. We know what can and cannot be changed and achieved as viable interpretation of the vague rules and metrics and how to implement and mange these for the future.

Azurious see SAP Licence Optimisation as encompassing:

  • Contract Analysis & Discovery
  • Usage analysis (Engines & Users) & change management
  • Audit (pre, during and post) advice, issue resolution and compliance
  • Named User Licence type – review and re-classification
  • Development and implementation of Continuous Licence Management Processes
  • SAP Licence Negotiation Best Practice
  • SAP On-Premise to Cloud Transition advice and Management
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