SAP Digital Access – Dilemma

SAP is now offering the Digital Access Adoption Program to smooth the waters with troubled customer relationships.  Is it a risk free and a simple decision to transition from Indirect Use to Digital Access? For most customers we have established it isn’t!

The main issue isn’t your current business requirements, though important, it’s how Digital Transformation will change your business and what your non-SAP integration will look like and impact your Contract and Licence Model in the future.

As the SAP Licence, Contract and Governance experts, Azurious can support your organisation in assessing and then negotiating the best deal you can get with our Digital Access TCO Generator tool.  Happily this tool is offered free of charge with our service.

We have successfully helped global SAP customers with this decision.  Please contact Kim Chalmers at Azurious to see how you can gain similar risk advice and cost reduction benefits.

Please join our new group: SAP Licence & Commercial Governance

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