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SAP Audits set to become more challenging – prevent your audit becoming a dispute!

SAP revenues have been adversely affected due to the world economy and we anticipate that in 2021 SAP will be hunting for every scrap of business. The fact is that in the past SAP used audits to support their revenue stream to avoid missing their forecast targets!

Talking to customers, we are already seeing that this is the same situation now.

Part of this audit will include SAP forensically examining your contracts to uncover anomalies they can use to optimise their revenue from the audit.

Your organisation’s agreement with SAP is already and will become, increasingly complex, either as a consequence of having ECC, S/4 HANA and Cloud services or third-party solutions.

SAP has every right to do an audit on your contract and licence situation, so we suggest you make sure you are ready.

The great news is that Azurious can help you be in a much stronger position whether you are proactive and prepare for your audit, or you delay until SAP sends you a non-compliance demand.

A recent case in point:

Organisation A was faced with a non-compliance licence demand of £60million. This caused immense anger at Board Level. After engaging our expert services, we built a robust, factual defence and a settlement was reached for only £330,000 within 3 weeks. They told us they could not have achieved this on their own.

Please get in touch to see how we can do the same for your organisation to save money and management time.


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