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Oracle Run-time Licensing via SAP – a perennial conundrum!

This issue keeps coming up! That’s because for those SAP customers that continue to use Oracle Database via an SAP Run-time Licence, it’s not going away, and may only get worse!

e.g. HANA Database and S/4HANA applications purchased today at a net cost of £10 million. Over 5 years the Oracle Run-time DB uplift will cost you between £5.5 million and £6.75 million for absolutely no value or benefit to your organisation.

If this doesn’t bother you, it might be of great concern to your CFO or Shareholders!

Avoidable Cost

Once upon a time the Licence fee for an Oracle Database run-time Licence bought via SAP was as low as 11%, now it has escalated to 25% for any current and future SAP Licence purchases, and could continue to rise exponentially. Not a situation that any sensible company would tolerate if it were avoidable….and it could be! Azurious has devised a unique solution that can remove this TAX for most SAP customers.

The answer: Azurious has a unique solution to mitigate or eliminate this massive risk to your business.

Don’t be complacent – act swiftly now before you are immersed in your procurement cycle with SAP. SAP will agree with our solution as they pass most of this money directly to Oracle and it release more funds to spend with them where you will derive good RoI.

To find out more about the Azurious service to save this avoidable cost please contact Kim Chalmers: | +44 77 68 47 55 33 |


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