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How To Avoid The Pitfalls Of SAP Disputes

SAP Contracts & Licensing disputes: we have recently seen a sharp increase in this activity. What can you do?

You could...

Defend it yourself and consume and divert a lot of management effort at a time you can ill afford

Seek help from Lawyers, Auditors or SAP SI or anyone you can find who knows a lot about SAP

Or, you could...

Seek help from an independent expert - Azurious are the recognised experts in dealing with such issues.

We can guarantee we will minimise both the time and effort - so you can focus on your company’s vital business needs at this stressful and challenging time.

We can run a free 1-hour on-line workshop to hear your issues and give you an immediate view as to the best approach and likely outcome. Without any obligation.

Get in touch to learn more

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