Grey Monarch & Azurious partner to bring together expertise in SAP Licensing & Contract Governance

Grey Monarch and Azurious are excited to announce that we will be partnering to bring together the best of our expertise in SAP Licensing and Contract Governance.  

In this relationship Grey Monarch specialises in ProfileTailor LicenceAuditor for ongoing optimisation and management of SAP licence inventory, and to prepare organisations for their annual audit. Azurious complements this with SAP Commercial Contract services and solutions to unlock licence and contract value for SAP organisations in the digital world, or those embarking on major business change.

Both offer independent expert services and products to bring you the ultimate money and time savings.

For a free introductory session, please contact Cherry Symers at Azurious: email

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Our purpose is to empower SAP customer organisations to extract the maximum commercial value from their current and future investment in SAP Software & Cloud Services. We will constantly improve our solutions and services for Risk and Compliance to meet the rapidly changing market demands.
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