SAP Licence Management is both very complex and time consuming.

The majority of SAP customers struggle to manage their SAP Licence Estate properly, even with the help of very expensive Software Asset management (SAM) tools (see separate discussion topic).

SAP customers typically don’t know or understand:

  • What their true Licence entitlement is
  • What of their SAP contract history is current and applicable today
  • How to correctly measure their Licence usage
  • Know at any time what their Licence compliance status is
  • How to identify and quantify current or future risks
  • How to prepare for an SAP annual audit
  • What and how to report Audit results to SAP
  • How to interpret and address Licence disputes with SAP

The Azurious “Licence – Value Proposition” is to provide the framework, knowledge and skills to support you in creating your own robust, executable Licence Management capability.

Where’s the value?

We have created a methodology and proven processes by which we can provide the ultimate clarity, addressing the elements above and many more. This will provide enduring rules and processes by which you can take control and efficiently and effectively manage your SAP licence estate. We expect that through this undertaking we will deliver a return of investment measured in weeks or months, eliminating risks and identifying cost savings, now and for the future.