We enable you to establish a Governance Strategy for the use of SAP software (On-Premise and or Cloud Services)

Governance in terms of SAP Software is all about:

  • Understanding all the parameters which affect compliance
  • Identifying, creating and implementing the rules which Govern Usage
  • Creating and setting up processes to correctly (according your SAP Contract) assign and manage licences and resources
  • Measuring Usage against definitive Entitlement
  • Determining “Value at Risk”
  • Creating, Implementing and operating the required processes to support SAP Licence


The Azurious “Governance – Value Proposition” is to provide the framework, knowledge and skills to support you in creating your own robust, executable SAP Licence Governance.

Where’s the value?

Once created and enabled this will eliminate and or mitigate many inherent risks. Providing clarity from which management time will be saved and faster, better decisions can then be taken, based on trusted Data and Information. The Value is in the knowledge!