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About Azurious
Azurious is a mature and well established independent business exclusively focussed on addressing the Licensing and related business needs of SAP customers. We have many years of experience working in the SAP ecosystem, their partners and customers and use our extensive network to deliver incremental value. We have developed an integrated range of specialist services delivered on a Global basis, through an advanced and personalised engagement model.


The stakeholders of Azurious have many years of successful experience working with SAP customers across all industries, geographies and business functions. Our deep and well proven knowledge establishes us as true “Subject Matter Experts”. The Value derived from our knowledge is typically measured in $£€ millions. We will be happy to share examples with you, relating those which most closely fit your situation. This is as a result of us working with you to uncover hidden or unrecognised value in your existing SAP contracts including rectifying incorrect or over deployment of Licenses. It may require re-aligning security profiles (Authorisations, Roles, Permissions and access rights) with User Licence classification, supporting you through Licence Audits, Negotiations & Procurements.

Services Overview
Success is based upon our extensive knowledge of:

  • SAP, it’s Product history & Pricing Models
  • SAP’s Complex Contracts, Licensing Rules & Metrics
  • SAP’s Audit Process, Practices and Expectations
  • SAP Sales structure, changing business models and management directives
  • SAP Customer Use Cases (Our extensive hands-on invaluable experience)
  • We combine all of this with industry best practice, knowledge and understanding of Corporate Business Operations and our advisory Business Cases and Papers to deliver unrivalled insight and value.

Our key services include:

  • Discovery
  • Contract Analysis
  • SAP Licence Models
  • Audit Management
  • Licence Optimisation & Management Automation
  • Security & Licence Alignment
  • Negotiation Support
  • Ad-Hoc Licence Issue resolution

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