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Azurious is excited to announce the launch of WISDOM   for SAP.

The ONLY solution for SAP Contract & Licence Governance, delivering a single shared version of the truth for all SAP stakeholders.  


The independent subject matter experts for   

SAP Contract issues and Licensing challenges.  

We save our customers time and money by identifying and eliminating risks to release hidden value in their substantial investments in SAP software.

SAP Customers: Do you need to make urgent changes to your Business?

We recognise that responding to the current fluctuating market conditions may have a significant impact on your organisations’ use of SAP Software. We are announcing a special Fixed Price service “In-Flight Risk” to enable you to rapidly assess immediate and future impact on your SAP Agreement.


We save our customers two vital resources in today’s fast changing business world; money and time.

Traditionally we have provided our customers with a set of models and documents based on the important information and data from their SAP agreement, licence entitlement, usage and procurement negotiations.   

They will tell you that we have successfully delivered outstanding Value from sharing our Knowledge to empower them to unlock hidden value and eliminate risk.


Now the momentum is for businesses to transition to become a digital enterprise.  In conjunction with this more is being demanded from us to advise and support them which requires all relevant SAP commercial information to be available to all stakeholders, at the touch of a button.

To meet this, we have evolved to “Wisdom from Knowledge” by enhancing our methodology, solution and services to support customers embracing the digital enterprise.

Our SAP Contract and Licence Governance solution will revolutionise what was a burden in the past, to a source of value in the future.



SAP’s contracts, licensing rules and metrics remain complex and challenge all customers.  Together with a lack of formal training, the reality is that the personnel responsible within your organisation for managing all of this, are typically only involved and on an ad hoc basis.  This represents a substantial challenge in maintaining an up-to-date and accurate account of your organisations’ compliance and risk position. 


Risk & Compliance

Based on the foregoing challenges, maintaining compliance in terms of SAP software usage versus your true contractual position is exceedingly difficult. In addition, risks exist in your SAP agreement which you may not be aware of until a dispute or unbudgeted demand from SAP arises, such as “Indirect Use”. Lack of understanding of the detailed and complex rules governing SAP software usage means many of these risks remain unidentified until it is to late to eliminate or mitigate them

Data on a Touch Pad


Most organisations manage their SAP software simply as an Asset and do not maintain full Governance over all important commercial data streams, which leaves them open to risks and non-compliance.  

This is because until now there has not been a Governance Solution available which addresses this need. We have built WISDOM© for SAP to solve many issues relating to SAP Contract and Licence Governance and support a number of key stakeholders and their teams.


You are responsible for your companies’ position relating to SAP Licensing. You need to know what risks you face now or for the future on contract issues.


You are responsible for managing all SAP commercial interaction which can include the enduring complexity of on-premise licensing, support contracts, Cloud and consulting services.


When you are called upon to support either contract negotiations or dispute resolution with SAP, your challenge is to be able to correctly interpret and understand the operational use of their Software

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