Optimise Your SAP Licence Journey

Welcome to straightforward advice and propositions to optimise your SAP license journey.

Our independent services, expertise and proprietary models tailored to your business will save your company money, expedite hidden value while eliminating risks.


The Unique SAP Contract & Licence Governance Solution


SAP Software asset governance is a major focus of shareholder value. We help your organisation ensure that SAP Licence Use and Management are correctly configured for optimum efficiency and to ensure risks are identified correctly and mitigated.

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The complexity of SAP’s contracts, Licensing rules and metrics affects all customers. Whether you are a long time or a new customer, SAP Licensing is complex and cumbersome. Using our unique knowledge, skills, models and methods we will uncover risks and hidden value, delivering clarity

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S/4 HANA, On Cloud, on premise licensing – we will work with you to be confident that you have made the right decisions for your business. Our expertise, experience and models will also help you negotiate the best deal with SAP.

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Who We Work With

We work across multiple teams and stakeholders within your business to optimise your SAP license journey.

IT Teams

As an IT professional you are responsible for managing or understanding your companies’ position relating to SAP Licensing. This might include such things as: contract issues, usage versus entitlement, managing audits, disputes, and negotiations. Overall you would like to know what risks you face now or for the future and how to address them. You also want to find a way to significantly reduce the time spent every time an SAP Licence or contract related issues comes up, particularly when related to the Future SAP Road Map(s) and their Licence implications.

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You or your team are responsible for managing the SAP relationship which today could include on-premise licensing and support contracts, Cloud and consulting services. You may be new to the SAP world or one of the many who has never really understood all the critical details of SAP licence rules and metrics. You may need to re-negotiate or revise your contracts to reflect today’s business needs but don’t know the most effective approach. Internally you need to work with IT, the business and legal and need support to ensure everyone has the same understanding of your position, past, present and future.

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You’re a stakeholder in the business and really need to gain independent clarity around your SAP relationship, licence costs and risks. You also want to verify the many confusing or competing versions of the truth you are being told by SAP, Implementation Partners or your own Legal, IT and Procurement teams. It may relate to managing future budgets or addressing disputes or a shortfall in Licence cover. We can bring transparency and clarity to any such situations to provide the real version of the truth and present it in normal business language, with all jargon removed.

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Case Studies

1. Manufacturing and Distribution of Beverages
Global business, $26bn revenue, 70,000 employees across 80 countries
A settlement was reached with our negotiation support which enabled our client to obtain addition Licence assets at their normal corporate discounts and agreement that they would remain compliant for at least the next 2 years as a consequence which mitigated a claim by SAP for €170m.
License Compliance, Asset Analysis, Corporate Discounts


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2. Manufacturing and Distribution of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)
Global business, £20bn revenue, 60,000 employees
The whole process took us about 3 months elapsed time and enabled the client to gain £18m of additional licence entitlement than their current plan/expectation. Savings on SAP Support fees were approximately £2.3m and protection against significant unforeseen increases in Engine Licence Fees.
License Audit, License Defense, Risk Mitigation

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3. Manufacturing and Distribution of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)
£70bn revenue, 140,000 employees, 100,000 SAP Users
Whilst the work we did saved the client $10’s m and significantly reduced their annual support fee by circa $15m, they said that the education, knowledge sharing, process enabling and broader advisory services around such areas as security revisions for risk and fraud mitigation and SAP negotiation strategy.
Contract Negotiation, Security, Fraud Analysis

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4. UK Business – Retail & Distribution
£1bn revenue – 9,000 employees
The whole process took us about 3-4 weeks elapsed time and enabled the client to gain an accurate understanding of their true licence entitlement. They were also able to re-classify users to lower Licence Types removing the need to buy additional, higher level licences for at least the next 2 years, saving up to £1m.
Contract Analysis, Usage Measurement, Negotiation Support

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It is all about “Value from Knowledge”

We save our customers two vital resources in today’s ultra-fast moving business world, Time and Money. How much time and money will be unique to your business and your current Licensing circumstances. However, for the majority of our large customers it is £$€ in Millions and 100’s of management man days per year. Our propositions are straightforward and simple. We use our combined expertise and knowledge and apply it to your specific SAP Licence and situation far more quickly and effectively than your resources can do on their own, or any other organisation you may find in the marketplace. This is because we have honed our skills over many years and are dedicated to just this area of work, every day. We set your expectations for Return on Investment high, because we are confident we can deliver.

Value From Knowledge

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